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Tatara Fujita (富士田 多々良) is a young boy from middle school who desires to become a pro dancer. He is the main protagonist of Ballroom e Youkoso


In the manga, Tatara Fujita is shown with rebellious spiky black hair and round, gentle green eyes. He is a rather short and thin boy, which puts him at a disadvantage in competitive dancing. Over the course of his dance lessons, he trained his body and became lean and more muscular.

During school, he wears the usual school uniform - at first, when he was in middle school (until chapter 18), he wore the traditional middle school gakuran - a white, collared shirt with dark (black or navy blue) trousers and a matching in color, collared and buttoned top. After graduating from middle school and attending high school, his uniform also changes - he wears (presumably) light gray trousers and a jacket in a darker tone of gray over a vest and collared white shirt. He also wears a striped tie

His clothing and hairstyle changes when he practices dancing or participates in competitions. When at practice he wears loose gym clothes, whereas during competitions he dresses in a black tuxedo with tails and dons men's dance shoes. His messy black hair is then combed backwards and kept in place with gel, giving him a more civilized and refined look.


He is a kind and gentle man. As shown in episode 1, he is quite timid but is willing to stand up to challenges. He is left-handed.


  • Tatara is 54 kg, and began dancing at 15 years old.
  • He was born in Itabashi, Tokyo
  • His favorite food is Dashimaki Tamago.
  • Nomenclature:

富士田 Fujita ( rice paddy )

多々良 Tatara (many many skilled)