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Gaju Akagi (赤城 賀寿 Akagi Gaju?) is one of the main characters in the Ballroom e Youkoso series. He's a first year high school student (age 16) when introduced. He has been dancing with his sister Mako for ten years. His main competition in juniors were Hyodou Kiyoharu and his partner Shizuku Hanaoka. He is Chinatsu Hiyama and Fujita Tatara's Senpai in high school. Gaju lives with his uncle in Tokyo so that he can attend high school and train in the local dance studios. His sister Mako still lives at home in Gunma.


Very tall and muscular and very athletic. He has bright orange hair with eyes that are a few shades darker.


Gaju-kun is a brash, demanding hot-blooded loudmouth. He yells at his sister for being too passive and boring. Gaju sees an opportunity to "steal" Kiyoharu's partner and takes it because he knows that he can win with Shizuku Hanaoka (also because he has a huge crush on her). He tells Fujita he can't stand wimpy athletes but defends him from the school bullies because they're both dancers and Fujita is his Kohai. Gaju speaks with a Joshu dialect (a dialect from Gunma Prefecture).


Kentaro Tomita (Gaju's voice actor) is dedicated to speaking regional dialects properly. To prepare for the role he visited Gunma to hear native speakers using the Joshu dialect and had a Gunma resident to check his accent in the studio during recording.

Both Shimba Tsuchiya (Tatara Fujiya) and Tomita are learning to dance for their roles in Ballroom e Youkos in the anime’s special video program ‘Ballroom Dance Lesson'.

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