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Chizuru Hongou (本郷千鶴 Hongō Chizuru?) is one of the minor characters in the Ballroom e Youkoso series. She is a professional female ballroom dancer partnered with Kaname Sengoku.


Chizuru is an average height, beautiful woman according to Tatara. She has a strong build to accommodate her dancing and long, dark hair. Her first casual appearance consists of a leather jacket, a white sleeveless top and capris. She wears her hair down, allowing into to flow wildly. When dancing, Chizuru usually wears her hair in a low bun, hair parted at the middle. She wears sensual, erotic costumes to match with Kaname.


Chizuru has a rather expressive personality to which she puts no filter to. She can come across as rough or scary such as when she slaps Kaname provoking a fight which is nothing new between the two. However, she demonstrates her caring side upon meeting Tatara saying that he was "too cute" hugging him into her breasts, kissing his forehead.

Chizuru seems to be a tactile person who has no problem with touching and glomping people at times as she demonstrates with Tatara and Chinatsu as well as Kaname in particular, despite them not being in a relationship.


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She was born in Tokyo, and began dancing at 6 years old.

Her favorite food is Chicken Salad.

She weighs 60 kg.